Meditating with the Magician

Magician meditating in four easy steps


Allow at least 2 minutes – the results are better the longer you allow longer

If you are on a tight time schedule set an alarm


Inside or outside – somewhere that is quiet, peaceful and you feel safe and won’t be disturbed.

Create your own personal and sacred space

(I have created both an inside and an outside space)


Sit so you feel comfortable, on the floor either crossed legged, laying down, or in a chair.

Straight backed, both feet on the floor

Relax any tense areas in your body.

Do a full body scan starting at the feet and working upwards to the head.


Meditation with the Magician

Holding The Magician focus on all the detail

Close your eyes and picture The Magician in your mind’s eye

If you mind wanders notice your thoughts and return to the Magician

Ask him any question that just pops into your thinking

listen carefully to your intuitive response

Happy Meditating



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