Rituals – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my articles on Rituals and that you find this one just as enlightening.

Rituals before a reading

Before I even take out my Tarot cards from their silk wrapping is to clear my desk of everything.  This clearing of the physical space helps me clear my mental space.  I then like to tap into my inner wisdom and intuition by using two methods.  I am strong believer in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a tapping process that works a bit like acupuncture.   It can be used it for a whole range of emotional, mental, and physical issues on a regular basis. I use it before I meditation as it helps take away the chatter in my mind, allowing me to develop a deeper state of meditation.  I use it again before I do any work with the Tarot cards it helps clear my mind which gives me a greater mental clarity, increasing my intuition, allowing me to get a real sense of what’s going on for the client and what message the Tarot is giving them.

If time is at a premium,  such as working at a private function doing reading after reading you won’t be able to do meditation between reading.  So between reading try the following – close your eyes  and slow down by taking three slow deep breaths pay close attention to each breath. Draw the breath deep into your stomach and hold it to the count of three and then exhale at the same time visualising all the negativity leaving though your feet.      You can,  without being aware of it, take on emotional energy from the person you are reading for  and unless you clear that energy you will carry it into the next reading. It’s really important to be able to wipe the slate clean between readings.

Lighting a candle or I use a beautiful small blue oil lamp is another ritual to help focus.  Placing the cards in order and shuffling which we talked about in my previous blog are another way to clear the Tarot deck between readings.

So, now I’m ready to pick up the cards as my mind clear, focused on drawing the cards, tapped into my intuition and inner wisdom.

Rituals for after a reading

After I have completed the reading both email or person to person reading I always put my cards in order reading for the next time I use them, wrap them in a special silk scarf and placing them inside a lovely velvet Tarot bag with a crystal inside to keep them clean.  You should cleanse all your tarot cards on a regular basis, particularly if you are using them all the time or you have purchased a second hand Tarot cards.


There are all sorts of rituals for clearing your cards, placing them on a window sill overnight when there is a full moon This ritual is called Moon bathing, sound delicious doesn’t it.   My office has a large window that gets a lovely view of the moon so my Tarot cards take a cleansing Moon bath just by being placed on the window sill.


You can dig a hole in your garden and place your Tarot cards wrapped for protection in a good quality zip lock bag as you don’t want any water or dirt damage and then  place them ground for a day or so.  This is especially worthwhile if you think your cards are holding on to very negative energy or someone has handled your cards that you are not comfortable about.

You can bury your cards in salt.  Salt drawing quality is well known in the kitchen for drawing out moisture from meat.  It works just the same with drawing out the negative energy from your Tarot cards.  Firstly, your cards will need to be protected from the salt as it might damage the quality of the cards you can do this  by wrapping them in protective material and then placing them in an airtight container.   Using rock salt I then surround the container with salt, top, bottom and sides and leave the container for a couple of days or even a week if possible.

Smudging and using incense is another method that you can use to clear the energy on your cards or the area that you use to read Tarot. What is ‘smudging’? It’s a common name given to a very powerful cleansing technique that originated with the Native Americans.  However, the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice  in many religions and healing traditions.  This ritual can cleanse a person, place or an object such as your Tarot cards of negative energies or influences

Smudging is done by using a  ‘smudge stick’ which is created when you tie together a bunch of  a particular herb such as sage or lavender,  you  then set this stick alight with a flame, you blow it out so that the smudge stick is smouldering, not burning.   Due to the oils in the herb it smoulders causing an aromatic smoke. It  is then waved around the room, home,  over your Tarot card  or whatever requires cleansing.  In traditional societies the herbs used for smudging are considered sacred and the smudge stick is treated with great respect. You can make your own smudge stick, buy them at some esoteric shops  and I have even seen them  for sale online. Smudging needs to be done with reverence, care and in an attitude of love.

Cleansing your cards regularly is important to clear the energy to ensure your Tarot readings are pure and uncontaminated.  It’s important that you find rituals that resonate and works for you.  As a professional tarot reader, we all have our special rituals for cleansing our cards and they will probably be a mixture of the ones list above.  I suggest you try them all and find the ones that resonate with you the most.  If you have a ritual that is not listed here I would love to hear all about it from you.

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