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If you have just purchased a new deck or are new to tarot and want to know how to look after your Tarot cards or perhaps you just want to know how to clean your cards on a regular basis, hopefully you will find the following rituals useful.

This is two part blog on the value of rituals in your Tarot readings.

  • New decks and cleansing your deck
  • Before and after a reading

What is a ritual? 

There are all types of rituals in everyday life. Rituals come in different forms, such as cleaning your teeth before bed or saying grace before a meal. In the same way having rituals around using your tarot cards help you build rapport with them.   A ritual takes your conscious intention and conveys it to the subconscious. It mentally helps prepares the reader by clearing the psychic space, and thereby maintaining a reading’s integrity.

You’ve just bought your new deck home so now what. Spending time familiarising yourself with the each card paying particular attention to all the details of your particular deck. Pay attention to any impressions and insights that your intuition brings up for you.   Putting your deck in order, Major Arcana and the suits, Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles is important firstly, to make sure all the cards are there it has been known for the odd deck not be complete so it is worth checking. Secondly, it is also a great cleansing ritual for your cards. So make it a regular part of your practice when caring for your cards. In fact, I keep the decks that I am not using in this order so they are clean and ready to use whenever I need them.

What’s the best way to store the Tarot cards when you are not using them?

Some people enjoy keeping their decks in a natural fibre fabric, such as silk, cotton, velvet, or even leather either wrapped up or made into bags or pouches.  There are some wonderful website selling beautifully embroidered and beaded bags which are beautiful to store your cards. Make sure you find one that not only feels right but gives you a total sensory delight.   Wooden boxes are another way to store your cards. There are some beautifully carved boxes just be careful to store them in their original box as some timbers can affect the quality of the paper long term.

Shuffling the tarot deck regularly and also before and after readings are another great ritual to cleanse and purify your cards. It gets rid of the negative energies and replaces them with positive ones. With a new deck a ritual to increase your connection with them is to putting them under your pillow and sleep on them.   There is a lot of controversy over whether you should let others touch your Tarot cards. There are some readers that very definitely do not let anyone else touch their cards. I am not one of them. I have no qualms over letting others touch my cards and if I have some reservations with someone I will use one of the cleansing rituals above to clear the cards of the negative energy that may have infected the cards. There are lots of rituals around the regular use of the Tarot cards including what rituals are worthwhile before and after preforming a reading which I will share with you in my next blog.

What rituals do you use to cleansing your cards?

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