Reading Intuitively Seven of Swords

Want some practice reading cards intuitively?

You can address some really personal issues when using the Tarot in this way.  It can flag areas you might need to address in your life now or in the future. It can also bring up situations and emotions from your past that may need to be healed.

The card for this week is the Seven of Swords

The questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What emotions come up for me looking at this card?
  • What stands out for you? Is it something you haven’ t noticed before even if you sent time looking at this card? 
  • What thoughts or situations come to mind? and
  • How do they relate to this card?
  • Is there a colour that really stands out for you?

It is often something different depending on the question you have asked the Tarot or the spread you have used.


So much symbolism in this card. I always think logically with this card.

Why doesn’tthe boat sink with those swords stuck in the bottom of the boat.  The Magic of Tarot, I guess.

Things to notice about this card that maybe relevant….

Everyone is facing away, but looking forward towards where they are going.

The water on one side of the boat is rough and on the other is quite calm.

How hard is the boatman having to work to get to the other side?

There is a huddle quality coming from the two seated people. Are they just cold or frightened?

Starting point:

It’s a sword card so it is about thoughts and actions. Being rational logical and analytical in your thoughts.  It can be were your thoughts meet your emotions (water) perhaps learning to get a better balance between the two.  The wand is also present in the form of the pole the boatman is using. Just a touch of imagination, inspiration and enthusiasm Only  pentacle is missing so it isn’t about the day to day comings and goings or finances.  

The number seven is about introspection , reflection, spirituality, wisdom and faith in things that cannot be seen. The dominance of blue in this card can reflect trust, integrity, reliability, responsibility, caring and concern.  It can indicate that you can be relied on to be the helper and rescuer for friends and family. There is a sense of optimism and cheerfulness from the orange cloak and tunic.  Orange gives such encouragement  to face the consequences, to take action and make appropriate changes and then move forward.

Spend some time really getting to know the card in detail.  How does it relate to you and what is going on in your world?

If you would like some help getting  personal insights into this card, or you just are keen to  share your experiences with your intuitive reading of this card why not send me an email at I’d love to hear from you. (There is no cost for this.)

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