The Journey – The High Priestess

The High Priestess



Why take this journey


Connecting with The High Priestess Archetype in your Tarot journey can help you


  1. Develop a deeper connection with your inner landscape
  2. Learn to trust and develop your intuition
  3. Tap into sacred and divine inner wisdom
  4. Be more loving and positive in all your actions
  5. Break through any of your limiting beliefs
  6. Gain a new and fresh perspective
  7. Understand and work in the space between the conscious and the unconscious thought process.
  8. Connect with your higher purpose and gain clarity on what you where brought here to do.


The High Priestess is the queen of this journey of self discovery and development. She is the gatekeeper between your consciousness and your subconscious. It is her energy that enables you to find the knowledge and wisdom that you are seeking. Life isn’t always easy and is full of highs and lows. How we weather these builds our resilience and wealth of knowledge about ourselves. To keep moving forward in life sidestepping mistaken and lows we have fallen into before understanding our inner landscape is critical. Taking time out to work with this archetype can make a significant different in your perspective of yourself and how you interact with the world around you. I love working with the High Priestess. Her depth of wisdom and guidance has enabled me to move forward in a really positive way. Making changes from the inside out is never easy but the High Priestess can certainly make the journey less hazardous and a lot smoother.


Ways you can connect with the High Priestess

The ways I connect with her through meditation. I’ve been an meditator since before it was trendy and had the recognition it has today. If you are struggling with the meditation I suggest that you hold the High Priestess card and focus on it, notice what symbol, colour or object stands out for you. When you finish write down your impressions each day so at the end of the week you can compare them. When I meditate take the card and focus on it for a minute then close my eyes and picture the card in my mind, noticing what jumps out at me and just sitting with it for as long as can. Try doing it daily. I can’t always find the time in my day but I do try.

Keep a dream Diary Pending time alone can be a really gift. It this crazy face paced world it is totally undervalued. As an introvert I am really conscious of spending time on my own to recharge my batteries. I find that to delve deep I need quiet time with my thoughts and emotions to make sense of them all. It’s a form of mental housekeeping if you like. Sorting through your life experiences and making sense of how things have turned out and your role in them you need quiet time.  One of the main ways The High Priestess communicates with you is through dreams and symbols. When you first wake up write down what you remember of your dreams. Are there any recurring symbols or actions? What do these mean to you? Do they make sense at all? As an adolescent I had this recurring dream that involved climbing stairs, very steep and wooden. I would struggle to climb up them and would invariable stumble and fall down them. I still remember the dream quite clearly, its left a lasting impression on me. I’ve always seen the dreams as a metaphor for my life.   Dreaming isn’t just for night time. Does your mind wandered during the day? Keep a check of where it goes as well.

To gain insights and wisdom in your life, a calm and peaceful environment is essential. If you can’t find a quiet place at home try taking a long walk, don’t forget to take the dog if you have one, this can be great ways to find the space and peace you are looking for.


Gardens are a lovely serene place if you don’t have one at home a park is another option.

The High Priestess has a strong affiliation with the Moon. If its a lovely night sit outside enjoying the night sky. Bit chilly for doing that here at the moment…it’s Autumn. You can do this everyday or if you are a bit time poor a couple of times a week.

Watch our for synchronicity. I have been working with this card for the last couple of days and today I received an email from a former mentor of mine who is a guest mentor on a course about developing your inner priestess.     

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