Welcome to the Tarot Circle


I’m so excited to introduce you to my new website.

My intention for the Tarot Circle articles  is to  cover lots of different topics to help you discover how to read Tarot for yourself, explore  the meanings of the Tarot cards to find insight and clarity in your day to day journey in life.  The Tarot can be an invaluable guide in your journey.

I started by journey with the Tarot some twenty plus years ago.  I was a single parent with four teenagers  trying to keep my head above water, frequently found drowning, and wondering what was going to happen next and how I would survive.  Yes,  I spent most of the time in survival mode. The Tarot gave me insights and clarity into where I was, who I was at that moment in time, and the hope to go on even as I struggled through each day.

My respect and love of Tarot is still with me and I’m constantly  learning new and different ways to apply the meaning of the Tarot both in my own life and now  to my clients’ lives.  Finally,  decided it was time to take my wisdom and knowledge and share it with as many people as I could in the hope that it can make a difference in your journey.

One of the most amazing journeys into Tarot was a 21 week course with Anne Shotter and Evelyn Joffe takings through the Major Arcana cards.  There were eight or nine of us in the group and we shared experiences as we walked the  pathway through the cards.  We focused on the energy of that particular card, journaling our experiences and looked for symbols that represented that card during that week.  I was amazing how often the energy of that card seem to dominate the day or gave me insight and clarity over why I was doing things.  On the last night, we  gave each other cards or a token with the Major Arcana card they represented.  The cards were beautiful, most were handmade with heartfelt wording of how they perceive you in the group.  I still have the cards they have meant so much to me.  I was an incredibly moving experience. It is an experience I would love to recreate for others.

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