The Journey – The High Priestess

The High Priestess     Why take this journey   Connecting with The High Priestess Archetype in your Tarot journey can help you   Develop a deeper connection with your inner landscape Learn to trust and develop your intuition Tap

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Meditating with the Magician

Magician meditating in four easy steps Time Allow at least 2 minutes – the results are better the longer you allow longer If you are on a tight time schedule set an alarm Space Inside or outside – somewhere that

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15 The Devil

Is this the scariest card in the Tarot?

Is this the scariest card in the Tarot? The Devil What feelings  surface when you see The Devil in your personal readings? Panic, frightened, sacred, terrified, depressed, miserable…it’s such a gloomy card. These can often be the initial responses you

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