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This is a financial reading so if you want to know how to attract more money into your life this is the reading for you!!!

If we are struggling financial or just want to know if we are ever going to be able to afford to have a holiday or buy that new car or house this is the reading for you. We all want to know that we are going to have a secure financial life so I do lots of this type of readings.

Everyone's situation is different so a standard set of questions aren't always the answer. I like to personalise each of my readings to provide you with a source of empowerment and inspiration. Your contribution is enormously important and valuable to the overall reading.

Here are some of the questions I have used in readings recently. You can change them to suit your particular life circumstance. Otherwise, we can work together to tailor the questions that would work best in your situation.

  • What is coming into your conscious awareness around your scarcity of money ?
  • What empowers you to make the necessary changes to bring financial abundance into your life?
  • What are the potential challenges that you need to be aware of to making these changes?
  • What aspect of yourself can you call upon to assist you to bring financial abundance into your life?
  • Overall, where is your financial life headed over the next 12 months?
  • What is the first step you can take right now to open yourself up to creating financial abundance?
  • What is the best thing you can do right now to increase your financial situation
  • How can you bring about the best possible outcome?
  • How can you overcome your obstacles?
  • What might be blocking you from achieving financial abundance?
  • Where do you need to focus your attention?
  • Where do your greatest opportunities lie?
  • And how can you leverage these opportunities?

This reading is for three o six questions around you finding financial abundance. (One card for each questions) You can formulate your own list of 6 questions. Alternatively, we can work together to tailor the questions that would work best in your personal situation.

* There is a wonderful guide on how to formulate your questions for your Tarot reading check it out in the resource section – Questions for the Tarot.

( PS Please note this reading will take 2-4 working days)

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