‘Thank you so much for my reading, It was beautifully read, and very informative, it must of taken a while for you to write that out!

I really appreciate your time and effort.’

Kind regards

Amanda – UK

“What a lovely reading!  Very professionally and eloquently delivered.  You gave me a lot to think about.

Things I Loved

Your turn around exceeded my expectations

You did a great job re-framing of my questions (to me that is one of the hardest parts).

Your introduction set the tone perfectly.

You set clear expectations of what the reading is and is not.

I liked seeing the cards and the spread.

Customized layout showed your commitment to me as a client and this reading.

I liked the way you drew a card for each question.

The information was beautifully presented, and done in a way that gave me insight and a lot to think about, but left it up to me.

I liked the tie in between the cards at the end.

The amount of information and level of detail you provided far exceeded my expectation

Thank you for a beautiful reading, your time, talents and energy.  I learned so much, not just about myself – but about this process.  I aspire to take my practice to your level and be the one doing these readings someday soon.”

Laurie – USA

‘Thank you so much for the amazing Tarot reading you gave me! Your reading was accurate on multiple levels & your intuition spot on.  You answered things I was/have been afraid to even think about for very long!

I want you to know that I asked for a financial reading because I was too scared to ask about anything else. I really feel that you actually gave me a few readings in one; you answered almost everything I was afraid to inquire about!  I am unable to think of one thing you could have done better. Have you ever heard the reference that people are like diamonds with their many aspects? You uncovered many of mine in this Tarot reading and I congratulate & applaud your gifts! I thank you. For your time, your kindness, your positivity.  I feel blessed to have gotten you for a Tarot reading!’

Gratefully yours,

Lisa – USA

Thank you so much for had taken the time to do such a long reading for me and for free, I really appreciate your compassion and help, I have been extremely overwhelmed by my situation with my significant other and your reading is giving me mental and emotional relieve. You are a very talented and kind Tarot reader. Your reading is also 100% accurate, I’m amazed by how accurate your reading is not just about my situation but my feelings/thoughts. For example, you are absolutely correct that I have been in a hurry to end this relationship, like I feel if I just end it then I won’t be hurt if my partner strays again, you are also correct and is fantastic advice where you tell me to step back and let him handle things, I will put this in practice immediately, I know stepping back and let whatever happens happen will liberate me from many problems. I find your reading full of advice I can immediately follow, it is really helping me and giving me the hope (with the Sun card) that things will be ok, most of the time I feel hopeless and like this will not work, even when things seem ok and we aren’t facing any problems, I’m always thinking something bad will happen, your reading gives me hope, support and really good advice. I will keep reading your reading for support and encouragement. Thank you so much from all my heart for your dedication to my reading and helping me, I’m very grateful, you are a very compassionate and kind reading and I hope to have readings signed to you in the future.”

Paula – United States