A Tarot Journey through the Major Arcana


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This journey is for Tarot enthusiasts whether you are a beginner or an just want to expand your existing knowledge.   This course offers a very special one on one experience.

You will experience and benefit from:

  • exploring and nurture your own inner wisdom and life experiences through the Tarot
  • increasing your intuitive ability
  • greater insight and knowledge that can add more depth to your readings
  • increased clarity around the meanings

I made this journey myself over twenty years ago it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.  The Journey through the Major Arcana was a group course organised by Anne Shotter and Evelyn Joffe.  It cover 22 weeks and there were about eight or nine of us in the group, mostly women in fact I think there was only one male in the course. Each week we would focus all our attention on one card, journal our experiences, watch for symbols that this energy was working in our daily lives.  It was an incredible  experience as each week that particular card’s energy seemed to be all around you in so many different forms.  At the end of the course each of received cards from the other members, filled with tokens, poems and tarot cards that they felt represented what we had contributed to the group. That was a real eye opener,  it brought me to tears several times and just had no idea the impact each of us could have on the group. It was such a wonderful gift, I have kept the cards and some twenty years later I still pick them up and reread them.   Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to recreate this experience for others.

How it works

Each week you will received an indepth description of the card together with ways to work with that particular card for the week.  At the end of the week we will have a 20 minute Skype call to talk about your experience during the week, you will be able to ask questions and further explore the potential in the card.

The advantage of this course is

  1. personal one on discussion time
  2. Its flexibility –
  • With the Skype call we can find a mutually convenient time and can be changed each week
  • There are times when life just gets out of control and we need breathing space so if you need an extra week here and there to catch up that’s easily organised.



Cost: $297.00

– indepth description of each Major Arcana card with practical application to work with each card

– includes 21 Skype calls

This has been such a success I decided to extend the  offer for a further 14 days.  Finishes on 14 June 2015.   

Special  offer – $147.00

I ‘m really looking forward to sharing this Tarot Journey with you.

Requirement:  Skype Address and a curiosity about the Tarot.



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