• This mentoring is for anyone  that is looking for help with their Tarot skills. Whether you are a beginner wanting to know how to work with the cards or are looking to turn your amateur Tarot skills into a professional business.
  • Business Tarot mentoring is for anyone that is setting up their own business and just want support from time to time.
  • Individual Tarot Mentoring is for you if you are struggling with life and just want a helping hand to get your life back on track.

These sessions are available on a one on one basis via Skype or email.

Beginner or immediate    

from basics to in-depth

  • working with each card meanings including symbols, colours and numbers
  • intuitive guidance with readings
  • card combinations
  • Reverse cards
  • Tarot spreads – from a card a day to Celtic cross

Amateur to Professional

  1. How to hone your skills into a business – how to work with clients, face to face and online, different spreads
  2. Steps and support to setup that business 
  3. from ad hoc consultation when you are stuck and need some guidance to regular weekly/month contact so you can reach those business goals quickly.

   who_am_i Individual Mentoring Sessions

     If you are in business sometimes you just need:


  • Someone to bounce ideas off
  • Someone to get you back on track
  • Someone that keeps you focused on your goals
  • It’s not working…what now?

This is available ‘when ever you need it’ basis $75(A) per hour or regular session either at the hourly rate or you can purchase 5 sessions for $ 300 (A)



Personal Mentoring Sessions

Personally,  I find most of us are reluctant to go to counselling and when we do it’s something to be endured.  I offer a very empathic and compassionate approach that is more focused on listening and gentle guidance when I think it is appropriate.  I found people came to counselling with a very closed, just fix it state of mind and in so much pain.  Whereas, when using the Tarot cards, clients came with a more relaxed and open state of mind, looking for direction and being far more receptive to change. It was like opening a door and letting the light it.  I can help you feel relaxed, ready to handle anything life can through at you and start enjoying every day.

These are personal one on one session to help you:

  • Find your direction in life
  • Clarity around an important issue in your life
  • You want to make changes but just don’t know where to start
  • In a relationship or career that just isn’t working for you
  • Struggling with grief when you have lost someone very special, a job, dreams, relationships – it’s then when we need someone to walk that path with us and hold our hand for a while until we can manage our lives again.

We all struggle and life can seem chaotic at times and it then when we need the most support.  I can offer support and guidance to help you thorough those times.


 If you want more details or costs about any of these sessions email


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